Bio and Contact

For larger images, additional examples, or full book dummies, please email me.

I’m an illustrator and author of children’s books with roots in classic literature, retro animation, and contemporary game art. My passion is story, and visual storytelling in any form gets me going. If the digital age means picture books will be images on a touch screen with interactivity, that means adding more ways to tell the story! I’m also a crafter, so I love to consider the product applications of an illustration—when I draw a character, I make sure I’d want a doll of that sitting on my desk to play with.

I’ve always wanted to make friends with ghosts and monsters, and I now live in a house that looks like Halloween all year round (on the inside, at least.) This makes it an especially nice environment for my pet rats and whatever it is that lives under my bed.

Phone: 971-344-1948