As the year ends…

Looking back on 2012 has a dizzying effect for me.  Did I really do all of that just this year?  It feels like several years worth of firsts and challenges.  Best of all, I achieve two life goals.  They’re the good kind of goals, though–the kind that are just the gateway to more goals!

I landed my first book with Penguin, and it was even a version of The Wizard of Oz, and I’m sure I’m not alone in how much that story affected me as a child.  On the emerald-green coat-tails of that project, I was also tapped to illustrate the opening sequence of a very sweet little video game, ‘Kaia’s Quest’ for Fathom-I Entertainment in Canada.  I even got to work on indie projects, a YA book cover and a charming retro picture book.

I find it very satisfying to have both experiences.  Independent projects are flexible and can be infused with very personal passion–and my over-enthusiastic approach melds well with that.

With a big publisher, you have a whole team of experts to work with, and I am pretty much in love with the kid lit industry.  My heroes have always been picture book writer and illustrators, and now book designers, art directors, and all their fellows gave joined the hallowed ranks.

In 2013 I will face the rest of my local SCBWI chapter as a PAL member, and I will work hard to make them proud!